Challenges, September

When I stopped drawing I was very into quilting (art quilts especially). Only natural that I should start with something on my desk for my first challenge drawing 'something you collect'. I have a pretty big collection of these presser feet! I used HB although 2H was up untiil then my first preference.

A cookie cutter for the 'draw something metallic' challenge.

Alex's sunglasses. I think it was with this drawing that I realised I didn't have to slave over it to get something I liked.

My sandals for the 'shoe' challenge. I made a mental note to do lots of shoes. They are a great reminder of family life and changing times. The top sandal is barely more than a line drawing.

Lava lamp. I realised that colour would be better for some of these challenges. Mark told me it would have been better to switch it on - he was right!

Still one of my favourites! Love this little guy!

Liked it so much, I did another! For the 'draw a toy' challenge.


Plain Jane said…
Art quilts, huh? Are you still making them? Would you post some?
And I love your comment about they depict family life...
great, great, great drawings! You are a master with the pencil!

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