Challenges, October

Another of my favourites but looking back I should have used a softer pencil and made it darker. A shadow would have enhanced it too. This is one of those rare times when I didn't know which of the colours was lighter or darker in value. It happens with green and red but here the cup is chocolate brown and teal. I must take a photo of it one of these days, I keep meaning to to see if I got it right or not!

Mark's phone and wallet. Another indication of times changing. He liked this little phone as he's not keen on mobiles (unlike me!) and it was cheap and did the job. (If he remembered to switch it on!) Now he has some swanky thing that sends e-mails and I have none! In Kuwait I liked to have one in case of a car accident, a highly likely event in that place!

Draw a keyring or keys. I drew this little sheep I'd bought in Iceland. I found the fur really tough to do!

Draw a bottle, jar or tin from the kitchen. I love Arabic lettering and found this in my cupboard - even an ordinary Sue Bee jar of honey looks exotic in Arabic!


chandan kumar said… is so much difficult for me to put extra effort in any still life or objects..but your work..all of them are amazing.

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