2B or not 2B?

That is the question. After mulling over it for a while, I decided to start another blog just for the drawings. I wanted a place where I could just catalogue them and perhaps it will be of interest to those that don't like to read the everyday life stuff.

I now think of my drawings in two categories - before 2005 and after. I used to draw in such a way that the pencil marks were not visible, for instance on the skin which would be very smooth, built up in many layers of mostly 2H. Much of the work is symbolic, although the symbolism isn't meant to be obvious to anyone except me. The faces represent the difficulties I experienced or the feelings I had at the time.

Just over a year ago, I came across Everyday Matters Yahoo group and started drawing the weekly challenges - everyday objects with no angst involved! Up until then, I would spend months (on and off) doing one portrait. I gave myself 2-3 days to finish maximum and found that I could complete a drawing in an evening - a completely new experience for me!

Now I think I have a better balance between sketching (which I rarely did) and drawing. Both compliment each other.


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