Challenges, November

If I had to pick a favourite, it would be this one, drawn for the 'folds' challenge. The softness of the pencil on the tooth of the paper really worked to get the texture of the heavy denim. I used B pencil here and HB for the light shadow.

A quick and fun drawing for 'draw a toothbrush'. I enjoyed drawing the little drop of water and the slight reflection. I had just realised how much variation there was in shadows as up until now I had simply pulled out a shadow in one tone and continued doing that without much thought. I placed the toothbrush on a silver tin to find a more interesting shadow.

'Draw a fruit' challenge was another one I enjoyed and with this one I learned about the difficulties of drawing something that decays quickly! It was interesting to watch the bananas changing from yellow and green perfection to deeper yellow with spots. I found the spots helped the perspective and texture. Sometimes it's fortunate that I take so long to draw things!

I realised that the fruit and veg section was a great place to go hunting for subjects. This is a custard apple from Egypt. The mat texture of the skin was difficult to capture and the colours got lighter in the dips where a darker shadow would have made it zing - not an easy subject after all!


David Malan said…
beautiful drawings, great patience you must have. I think the Kawaiti girl turned out especially nice.
I've been away from the computer a lot this week and have only just begun to catch up on m'blogs. The drawings are wonderful Felicity - I don't know how you do it. May faves (if you'll allow me to choose) are the pastry cutter because of the way you've caught the texture of the metal; the light and its reflections, and the jeans because of those fabulous folds.
Marilyn said…
I have to say after cruising your blog that your work is just so incredible. It's just so perfect!!
I so enjoy looking at your work.
E-J said…
You are fantastic at capturing textures! Beautiful, patient, finely-observed drawings.

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