Movements in HB sharp

Paul in 1992. Still using fairly hard pencils. We were living in Kent, England. I managed a couple of commissions at this time but it was very difficult with a new family and I gave up for a couple of years after Alex was born in '93.

Alex and Paul drawn in January 1998 when we were living in Dubai.

Diana, drawn in November 1997.

We moved to Kuwait in 2001, this little girl was drawn from a picture I saw in a magazine in October of that year. After this drawing, I felt that the time I was taking to complete a drawing was draining my enthusiasm. I had very little to show for all the years I had been drawing. I had a few art pads and the last three drawings here are from the same sketchbook with years in between them. I didn't pick up a pencil for a couple of years after this drawing.


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