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Catching up

Well, where to start after so long?! The journey with oil painting continues. Still so much to learn. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it feels so hard I wonder if I should throw in the towel. It's a rollercoaster! After my last post, struggling with Kpop portraits, I found cats easier. Short hair dog not so bad. It's really all about having the right brushes to match what you're trying to achieve I was invited to exhibit these, above, locally which was a huge boost and proof I should keep going with oils.  Blogger hasn't improved one bit since I last posted and trying to get every paragraph to align in the same way continues to be a struggle - some things never change! I can't insert any text between the next two photos! So...Two more Kpop portraits. Taeyeon, the female above and Ten below. Taeyeon was an attempt to be less blended and used a 'short flat' brush. It doesn't show much in the photo but it was an effect I loved and tried to push in later

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