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Taemin, painted earlier this year. My posts are a little out of order but the process of painting in oils is very different to drawing or even painting in watercolours. Even with this small size they still have to be put away while the layers 'dry' so I will be working on more than one at a time. In the past I haven't liked to work this way but I've embraced this slower process. I enjoy being able to tweak and layer and even completely change something that's not working. The one issue I ran into with this portrait of Taemin was being consistent with my colour mixing. Skin tones are quite difficult to mix and I found I'd often put down a whole layer when I only intended to work on a small area simply because the tones didn't match. I came across a very handy tip online. In order to keep the same mix (as it may dry out overnight or in a day or two), after working with it, put it in a small plastic bag and seal. Snip a corner and then squeeze out what yo

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