Work in progress

Work in progress sounds like I'm digging up the road and putting a mains pipe in, don't you think? No, I'm pottering away at this drawing but with one thing and another I'm just snatching minutes occasionally and losing the continuity. It's a bit of a drag doing any scanning now I have the new laptop which doesn't work with the old scanner otherwise I might have posted another step by step. I just wanted to scan it as this is the point I got to yesterday and I've been have some problems shading the neck.

Here, I'm fairly happy with the face and have to finish the ear but I've erased an area under the jaw as it wasn't looking right. It didn't have depth and the colours are not right. Colours used so far : Lyra Rembrandt Cinnamon, Venetian Red, Dark Violet and Warm Slate Grey, Polychromos Light Yellow Ochre, Burnt Ochre, Magenta and Black. Light Yellow Ochre and Venetian Red are the two base layers - I always start with the yellow as it seems to give a glow under the other layers. Dark Violet is a new one for me and I used it on the shadow across his eyes but I haven't yet worked out what colour to use for the neck. So now, tea break over, back to work!


Teresa said…
You're at it again.... another fabulous portrait well on the way! Thanks for the details and specs... always interesting to see what colors an artist prefers and why. :-)

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