TV sketches

As this blog hasn't been updated in a while, I thought I'd better show the rest of the TV sketches I've done. Above, on Celebrity Mastermind, Mick Hucknall of Simply Red, and below him, comedian Mel Smith.

A Palestinian face, from the news, and below him, a contestant on Mastermind.

New detective series called Wallander, set in Sweden which I really enjoyed. This is Kenneth Branagh who plays Wallander. I was really impressed with his acting!

Adding some colour to the Sky News sketches but I think it was a mistake! Guest David Kuo, above, financial advisor. He always has some really good advice and given in a way anyone can understand. I can't remember the name of the other man but he looked very stern.

Sky News editor Tim Marshall, above, and below him guest Lord Digby Jones.

Contestants on Mastermind. I like to draw from this show as I have a chance to do it in real time - the camera pans in slowly and they each appear twice.

Top is a TV sketch - I liked her profile and glasses, and below is a lady I sat behind on the tram.


Stephen Gardner said…
great work, great site, love the concept of TV sketches. I'll be back for more.
Rob Carey said…
Love your people sketches- so interesting to draw people on TV, and you do such a great job with them.
Teresa said…
I like your smooth sketching style. Sketching from TV sounds awfully difficult... considering that the subject keeps going in and out of view!

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