Happy New Year!

This is not what I was hoping to show for my first post of the year but a virus kept me away from my pencils and I'm just glad it's finally finished! I haven't been feeling sorry for myself since I was so thrilled and surprised to see that one of my drawings, Cream Burmese, was nominated by Robyn on Katherine Tyrrell's Making a Mark blog for the category of 'best overall artwork completed and posted on an art/illustrated blog in 2007'. As if that wasn't enough, it then got through to the final five and was also entered into the category for best animal in an illustrated blog! There are so many beautiful works of art on blogs, I'd never believe mine the best or even near it, but it's an honour to have my work acknowledged and it's a wonderful way to start the new creative year! Thank you Robyn and Katherine and for everyone that took time to vote, I appreciate it very much. I highly recommend that if you haven't seen Katherine's blog, to go and check it out not only for the amazing artwork of the nominated artists but for one of the best art blogs out there!

H - 4B pencil, Winsor & Newton cartridge paper.


Bonny said…
Congratulations, Felicity! That is a wonderful way to start the New Year! Full of creative accolades and accomplishmnts for what came before. Well deserved, for sure!

Happy new Year!
Wow, the phone and camera drawings are amazing. They almost jump off the page. Congratulations on your nomination.
Congrat. Felivcity, this is an amazing drawing, but so is all of your work!
Roshanda said…
Congrats! This is a great drawing as well.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for coming to visit me! These drawings are amazing, you really are an expert with those pencils.
Anónima said…
Thanks to LinkWithin I saw this one, it's unbelievably good, Felicity, I'm bowing!
Carolina said…
Hi again Felicity,
The Anónima was me with my other account, I didn't notice I had signed in...
Warm regards,

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