Sunday, January 28, 2007

Life drawing

Friday's life drawing. Recently I've moved away from line drawings and I'm concentrating on light and shade so again just one this week. A few months ago when I joined three hours used to be so long now it seems to fly by. I happened to bring my A3 pad this week as I've felt a bit cramped with the A4. It was fortunate because the pose was quite long and I needed the space for it but I couldn't get it all on the scanner! Her hands and feet weren't too well drawn so that's not a bad thing. I also didn't like the shape of her arm under her head, I could have done with more time to get the shading right and make it look like a bent elbow instead of a blob.
B and 3B pencil.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wooden spoons/EDM challenge 94

I thought there was a EDM challenge to draw some kitchen utensils but I must have been imagining it. It doesn't even qualify for 'draw a present' because this was given to Mark as a housewarming present when he moved to Norway in 1980. Kjokkenting means cooking things and I keep my wooden spoons in it. I dread to think how old some of these spoons are and I took a few spatulas out to keep the drawing tidier. Drawn in HB and 3B

Update: Thanks for the heads up about the spoon challenge! I simply couldn't see it for looking. The title is now changed. It's nice to be able to cross another challenge off!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

EDM # 61, a grouping

EDM # 61 is a grouping of similiar objects. These are mobile phones - Mark's very high-tech Sony Ericsson at the back, the cheap little thing I bought last week on the right just to get connected and the handset on the left is the one I'm now using. It's a hand-me-down but much better than anything I normally use! HB to 3B pencils.

EDM # 102

EDM challenge # 102 to draw a power plug. It's rare for me to do a challenge the same week it's posted but it appealed because the plugs in Switzerland are quite unique as far as I know. All our appliances had to have plugs changed when we arrived and some are still not done! This was a very quick sketch with HB and B pencil.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Sole searching

Paul doesn't think much of these, he says I look like a Genevoise in them but I don't think that's an insult! I'm trying to get away from always wearing flat shoes but I never seem to find anything I like - so many shoes look ridiculous when you're only 5 feet tall! I don't mind being small, I just don't want to look like a Christmas pudding on stilts!

Anyway, I really should have started this in a larger drawing pad, I want to draw some more of the shoes we have. I think it will be interesting in the future to look back - and hopefully not laugh too much! Although, once it was finished there was a nice space on the page to write a bit about them. I'll do a few more very soon.

Life drawing

Only one today. The drawing didn't look too good to start with and rather than start another as I normally do, I decided to try and save it with shading. That didn't go too well but I persevered and eventually it looked OK. I like the area around her shoulder at the top as the shading there is more subtle. I was quite relaxed once I got to that area but time seemed to fly this morning and I would have liked to have done a couple of more sketches.

On the way home I took a detour past the art shop (as you do!) and bought some darker pencils. I went over the outline with a 5B to see what it would look like. I think I'll try using some softer pencils next time and see what happens.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Since I'm not a dog person, I presume this is a Yorkshire Terrier. It's all hair and eyeballs so maybe with a perm and a curling iron it could turn into something else! Hair is my least favourite thing to draw so I see a lot of room for improvement. I find it quite hard to do the fuzzy out of focus look but this dog did have quite definite and separate strands or locks. I used softer pencils than I normally use, 2B and 3B (on cartridge paper).