Life drawing

Only one today. The drawing didn't look too good to start with and rather than start another as I normally do, I decided to try and save it with shading. That didn't go too well but I persevered and eventually it looked OK. I like the area around her shoulder at the top as the shading there is more subtle. I was quite relaxed once I got to that area but time seemed to fly this morning and I would have liked to have done a couple of more sketches.

On the way home I took a detour past the art shop (as you do!) and bought some darker pencils. I went over the outline with a 5B to see what it would look like. I think I'll try using some softer pencils next time and see what happens.


Casey said…
Hi Felicity, This looks really good to me. I was wondering how you're doing with the Anthony Ryder book - I've just started reading it and I'm not sure I truly understand the "envelope". Is it helping you to draw better or is there a learning curve that slows you down for awhile? It looks from this drawing that you've got the contour down perfectly though.

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