Life drawing

Friday's life drawing. Recently I've moved away from line drawings and I'm concentrating on light and shade so again just one this week. A few months ago when I joined three hours used to be so long now it seems to fly by. I happened to bring my A3 pad this week as I've felt a bit cramped with the A4. It was fortunate because the pose was quite long and I needed the space for it but I couldn't get it all on the scanner! Her hands and feet weren't too well drawn so that's not a bad thing. I also didn't like the shape of her arm under her head, I could have done with more time to get the shading right and make it look like a bent elbow instead of a blob.
B and 3B pencil.


Anna said…
Hi Fiz - Always nice to see your drawings!
Witness said…
This is very beautiful and natural, I love the pose and the sensitivity to the light!
Sunil said…
This is a good one! Liked it a lot.

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