Wooden spoons/EDM challenge 94

I thought there was a EDM challenge to draw some kitchen utensils but I must have been imagining it. It doesn't even qualify for 'draw a present' because this was given to Mark as a housewarming present when he moved to Norway in 1980. Kjokkenting means cooking things and I keep my wooden spoons in it. I dread to think how old some of these spoons are and I took a few spatulas out to keep the drawing tidier. Drawn in HB and 3B

Update: Thanks for the heads up about the spoon challenge! I simply couldn't see it for looking. The title is now changed. It's nice to be able to cross another challenge off!


Renate said…
Beautiful! A very soft and gentle look. I adore the texture of the spoons. You make them look very real.
omly said…
Everyday Matters Challenge 94 was to draw a spoon. Perhaps that is what you were thinking of.
mrana said…
ooo very nice! Those wooden spoons actually look lovingly worn and the reflections on the ceramic are great, all very subtly done.

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