Moleskine sketches, Veyrier

When we moved to Geneva we stayed in an apartment in Veyrier close to the French border, not far from where we are now. It was furnished with very old fashioned furniture and fittings. This it the chair on the balcony where I used to draw. Mont Saleve was direct opposite the building. It was wonderful to watch the paragliders in the evenings.

Ornate but plastic and cheap looking! The lights in the bedroom.

The bedside table.

Light shade on one of the bedrooms. This reminds me of the stuff in Habitat in the '70's.

The other bedside table only this one comes with a chamber pot!

Chairs in the bedroom, unfinished.

I heard a lot about Moleskines on the EDM group so I had to give them a try but I'm afraid I'm immune to their magic. The grey graphite doesn't look good against the cream and I didn't like the way the smoothness of the paper seemed to dull the clarity of the drawings. The smudgy quality is useful for shading but overall I wasn't impressed with the quality of the paper.


Alina Chau said…
YOur drawings are beautiful!!
Felicity said…
Thanks Alina - yours too!
Ooh I'd never seen these before. Quite different, I think, from what we see you do now - are they older works? I love the bench at the top - grogeous! And that light shade, very 1970's true but still a design classic in my eyes - I do like a bit of kitsch!! Great stuff.
Anonymous said…
I love the moleskin drawings! Who'd of thought that furniture could be so exciting and interesting? Not me! But I'm having a change of oppinion now.

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