Kuwait to Geneva

I don't normally make plans but there was a bit of a plan to put up my old drawings fairly quickly and bring this blog up to date. But I lost a bit of momentum doing the challenges when I changed sketchbooks. I was using 110gsm Winsor & Newton pads and discovered a new shop selling the same but with 150gsm paper. So now the drawing are not in order as my sketches went all over the place after that!

This and the next one were definitely done in Kuwait as I had fantastic light coming in from my right - a huge window ran the length of the room and faced north.

This is a little ceramic bell that Paul made at school when he was really small - probably had a lot of help from the teacher but still, it's a little treasure to me! Used some softer pencils too and they felt really good.

A wooden souvenir from Bali. Although I'm happy with the drawing, it felt strange rendering a face in wood, I kept wanting to make it look real.

Jumping about a bit in time because this was done months later after moving into our house. Just after starting, with light coming from the right, Alex and I swopped rooms. Now my room has patio doors and light coming from the left. I've been waiting so long for a room of my own to draw in, it seems really selfish to moan but light from the south can be so bright! Seems like the sun is always shining in Geneva, even in the winter!

These four were drawn in our temporary apartment in Veyrier, a really old fashioned place with poor lighting, but a nice balcony with table and chairs. I found them while I was out and posted the drawings in response to the challenge to draw what you find on a walk. It was a real novelty not only to be out walking again (you have to drive everywhere in Kuwait) but to see interesting trees and plants and watch everything changing with the seasons.


Teri C said…
I bow in humble awe at your magnificent talent.
Felicity said…
You're too sweet Teri, thank you! Just don't ask me what I'm like with a paintbrush!
I think that there at least three of my favourites of yours in this post. Truly amazing. The top one, which I know I've comented on Flickr about, blows me away. How on earth did you capture that gaze work? Is that just through shading? I don't understand?!

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