Moleskine portraits

This is probably the drawing I like best in the Moleskine. I joined Wally Torta's self portrait challenge simply because I hate doing them! I started off gently by doing my hands. It shows things I like - tea, drawing, music and my favourite cup. The skull refers to my taste in music (I like all sorts of stuff) and is a nod to Holbein, one of my favourite artists.

The pencil seems to look enormous in this one!

Portrait with glasses.

First portrait of a cat. I just drew it on impulse seeing this cat's face on a book cover and I really enjoyed it. I've loved cats all my life but never drew animals. A little lightbulb moment!

A quick one of Tom Cruise to get some practice in.

A gratuitous drawing of some green olives since they are also in the Moleskine.


Sunil said…
Amazing sketches!!! Some great talent.
I just chanced on your blog and loved it...
littlemithi said…
This are TREMENDOUS Felicity! I've coming back to your blog frequently and only now have I managed to leave a comment. I really like the bits of furniture in your last entry - especially the chandelier and 70s lamp shade - a light fetish I guess!
De Nous À Toi said…
What a great idea it is Felicity, to have a separate blog for your pencil sketches. It is one humbling experience after another. I watched some of them at length, and i have to say, in quasi disbelief at the amount of patience they must have taken.
Lindsay said…
Felicity, you are amazing. These are great. I too look really intent when I do a self portrait! It's hard for me to relax my mouth when concentrating!!hahahah
df said…
i love the portrait of you as a little girl. Really beautiful drawings.
Felicity said…
Thanks everyone! Lovely to get new visitors too!
Aurora said…
Great drawings!
I like so much.
saludos desde España..
robotjam said…
These are great, especially like the hand with the pencil, its really well observed.

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