I don't want to set the world on fire...

I thought I'd start off doing some quick sketches to get back into the swing of things but somehow ended up with another portrait. Again, it was faces on Mastermind that tempted me. It must be something to do with those interesting profiles and the way the camera pans in very slowly. I'd love to say this was easy but I'd forgotten just how much effort goes into a drawing - and this is graphite which I'm most comfortable with so coloured pencil and watercolour are going to be a challenge! This is Andy Bell (of Erasure) one of the greatest voices of the 80's. It's great to see he's still going strong like many other talents from that time. I've been listening to quite a lot of 80's music recently and it still sounds good today.

A tiny sketch in my little Green & Stone book. I said in the last post I hadn't sketched for two years but I was looking through some sketchbooks and I realised that that's not quite true. There were a few small ones, like this one, drawn while flying to Copenhagen last year. I love the unusual angle of the face on the right.

Strange that I had forgotten because we are always told that when we draw we take everything in and never forget the moment. True, I do remember those particular faces but I have a dreadful memory and I also think when we get so caught up with sketching and recording, ironically it can make us a bit detached (certainly from those we are with) and actually not very present in the moment. It's been very good for me to stop blogging, zone out from the noise that was distracting me and reconnect with what I find pleasurable. Maybe that's a side effect, or the down side, of having grown up in the pre-Internet era!


It truly is scary how quickly we can become rusty. And I appreciate your comment about drawing and memory and the way one disconnects in the midst of sketching. I'm guessing a bomb could go off near me and I might not notice.

I too like that unusual angle of the one face. Onward, Felicity!

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