November postcard

I completely forgot to show my November postcard on the blog. Inspiration was very low at the time so I decided to stick to a very simple design and just paint one colourful Virginia Creeper leaf.  I used two of my favourite Schminke colours for this, May Green and Translucent Orange but I've forgetten which red - possibly a Sennelier Carmine and then Schminke's Magenta to deepen the edges.

I masked off the borders and sprayed a rectangle background using May Green and splattered over green, red, orange and purple for a speckled effect.

For the back I decorated it with two tiny Maple leaves, drawn life size, from a plant in the garden.


Janet Pantry said…
Beautifully rendered leaf, Felicity, and those maple leaves on the back are just perfect. I love the way you achieve such gorgeous accuracy and detail with those paints! You have a rare talent :)
Ditto from me - just lovely.

I succumbed to a tiny notebook at my local office supply center - it was just a dollar and had plain pages that felt a lot like some of my drawing paper. I guess it's about 2 x 3 inches and reminded me of the size of the folded booklet I made the year I did a drawing a day during January. It's size does not intimidate but actually entices so I'm hoping to sketch away at whatever is at hand and get back into this. Your work always inspires me, and I know it is as good as it is because you work at it (as well as having amazing talent).
Felicity said…
Thanks Janet! (Blush!)

Thanks Sheila! I'd love to try one of those tiny sketchbooks, they look like such fun. At that size if must be impossible to fuss but I'm sure they help get over that fear of touching the page. I met an artist here that uses very small sketchbooks and they looked absolutely gorgeous with his tiny watercolour sketches.

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