December postcard

If there is one word that sums up December for me, it must be 'clutter'. Television cluttered with Christmas ads, the shops are cluttered with more naff things to clutter your house with and everywhere just cluttered with people! I try to ignore it as best I can but the end of the year always ends up cluttering my head too!

Having to do a postcard each month makes you realise how fast months can whizz by if you're not paying attention. December came and went before I could gather my thoughts to make a card. Anyway, my January card has just been sent so I'm now back on track again and able to offload some of the guilt!

Once again, I'm happier with the back than the front! I drew the oak leaf and snail in coloured pencil. On the front, on the left, is a Linden seed (I've become quite fascinated with these seeds and they have featured a few times on the postcards), on the right a gingko biloba leaf, and I have no idea what the leaf in the middle is but I picked it for it's fabulous colour.


Robyn Sinclair said…
How I'd love to find a Gingko Biloba tree, because the shape of its leaves fascinate me. So timeless and oriental. You really have done it justice. The seeds and leaves are all beautiful, as usual.
Teresa Mallen said…
So lovely! I like the gingko biloba leaf as well, such soft colours and such a unique shape.
Felicity said…
Thanks ladies for the lovely comments! :)

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