New shoes

It's been a while since I drew any of my shoes so I thought it was time they were updated. Styles have changed quite a bit since my last drawing! I loved platforms the fist time round so I'm really pleased to see they are back with a vengence! I like this years big platform/lower heel too so you don't have to break your back trying to walk in them.

Taupe is an interesting colour to try and represent in paint or pencil. I had to mix some yellow, brown and a smidge of red until I got something close. Both of these are painted first and finished with coloured pencil. The black shoe is a mix of Burnt Sienna and French Ultramarine, which gives an interesting granulated effect. I used a black Polychromos pencil over that. The paint gave it a chalky surface which felt nice to draw on and really gripped the waxy pencil. The suede areas of the sandal are painted and then lightly shaded with a Taupe Derwent Artists pencil. The rope effect is drawn with a Warm Slate Grey Lyra Rembrandt pencil with a touch of the taupe pencil. On Saunders Waterford HP paper.


I want those black shoes - they are very cool. As for the return to the platform, I'm not as thrilled as you. I did my share of teetering back when I had stronger ankles! I did have one really cool pair that I wore a lot at work, which fortunately was mostly a sit-down job. If I still had them, I might give it a go.
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mrana said…
Brilliant. And thank you for adding details of what you used and how, it's incredibly helpful to visualize. Wouldn't mind a dash of your talent along with that too ...!
Cathy Gatland said…
Beautifully illustrated shoes Felicity - such texture and subtleties of colour. I loved them first time round too but can't see me risking those dizzy heights now!
Bridget Hunter said…
These are wonderful studies - you've obviously enjoyed using the mixed media.
Really nice Felicity. Objects on a white background seem to be your forte!
Absolutely wonderful!
Desiree said…
Just beautiful, I want the shoes too! You are so talented, perfectly representing all the details.
Liz Steel said…
wow! wonderful Felicity! I do like shoes too but certainly can't wear the big heels. As for platforms, I know, I have never had a pair.

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