Monkey Puzzle seeds

Monkey Puzzles are one of my favourite trees because they are so unusual and I noticed that they seemed to grow in some very unlikely places. That is until I found out that they were something of a status symbol in Victorian times so you generally only saw them in the gardens or grounds of large houses. There is one growing not too far away from me, in a small park next to a mayor's office, and it was only last week that I discovered what the seeds look like. I picked some up and took them home and then when I Googled for more information, I found out that the trees have either male of female cones so my local tree is in fact a female!

This is a quick little sketch using Winsor & Newton watercolours - mostly Magnesium Brown and Sepia with touches of red and yellow, on Saunders Waterford HP paper.


Very nice! I love your unique clean style. It's so soothing to look at, and you do such a nice job with details. I'm inspired!
It is such a pleasure to see your delicate work. It reminds me of the great Spanish realist artist Isabel Quintanilla. Have you ever seen her pencil work?
Robyn said…
Your botanical paintings are simply awesome, Felicity. I can't wait for my postcard from you.

Thank you for alerting me to a W&N colour I've never heard of - Magnesium Brown. You've made great use of it.
Very interesting.
I don't know that plant, I'll look for it in the web, but I love those colours. We do have the same passion of tiny fruitS from all trees.
Wilfred said…
Felicity, perfect study of a beautiful object.
Papierflieger said…
These are awesome Felicity! Sketches by Fiz? what a joke :).

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