A new drawing!

Yes, Raymond Blanc may well look surprised! After such a long slump, I'm surprised I haven't forgotten how to draw! I thought he'd be a fitting subject as he's been inspiring me with his TV show Raymond Blanc's Kitchen Secrets. Taking a complete break from drawing and doing other creative things has been really beneficial.

After a long break, and especially with not drawing on white paper for a while, you forget all the shortcuts and you're open to learning anew. I started off here in the same way I would a drawing on brown paper - with Derwent pencils and a loose scribbly technique but had to quickly adjust. After a layer of Derwent Gold Brown and a bit of Rose Pink, I went back to my Lyra pencils as they just seem to work better with cartridge paper. (Could well be my imagination so don't take this as a fact!) Back with my favourite, Venetian Red, but there is a lot of Burnt Ochre, a bit of Cinnamon, Magenta and Warm Slate Grey (gosh, this sounds like a recipe!). A dash of Derwent Smalt Blue in the background and a big slug of Luminance Black for the hair. The hair I'm not happy with as the Luminance pencils are waxy and not so easily manipulated. I used tissues and tortillons on the skin but I had to keep layering the black. It wasn't working at all so I just went for coverage rather than detail.

Drawn on Winsor & Newton cartridge paper.


Carolina said…
Oh, Felicity, you haven't fogotten how to draw at all :) I don't know this gentleman, but as a portrait, I find it really interesting (the detail, the expression, the technique, the colors...)
Great job :)
Best regards,
You continue to amaze me...

Think I'm picking up the "Jesse" drawing today all matted and framed. Will try to get a pic off to you in the next few days.
Teresa said…
Hi Felicity!

This is a fabulous drawing! You are SO talented!
Sketchalina said…
Gorgeous portrait! And great use of white paper. Nice

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