Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yorkie WIP

A drawing I have on the go at the moment. It's actually the same Yorkie I drew here, but always wanted to know how I'd go about it in colour. Since I put the Feedjit traffic meter on the blog I've been surprised to see that most of my hits come from people Googling 'how to draw a Yorkie'. Since no-one has left a comment I'm still left wondering if this is a drawing challange or competition.

Anyway, it prompted me to try this little dog again as I like the photo so much. However, I'm not keen on drawing hair and fur so I'm now putting this away for a little while. I'm feeling a bit frazzled from keeping up the blog and keeping up with everyone else's blogs and feel it's time to slow the tempo down a bit - I can't give up reading blogs completely so I have to be realistic! I've decided to return to another creative love of mine and do a little quilting (see my other blog) while I recharge my batteries.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Julia Sawahla (3)

The third of the three Julia Sawahla portraits. The colours are, again, similar to the other portraits but last time I used no Light Carmine, and this time I used much more. I used Light and Medium Flesh (Lyra) as usual to build up the base of the skin tones, adding Luminance White to put in the lightest highlights. There is quite a bit of Polychromos Light Sepia in the darker areas and the face, and again, that lovely warm glow of Burnt Ochre (Polychromos). Venetian Red (Lyra) is the one I use for adding shade and there is Magenta and Sepia in there too. It looked a little flat but the Light Carmine really brought it to life. Around the eyes I've used Magenta, Purple Violet (both Polychromos) and Warm Slate Grey (Lyra) to create a cool contrast with all the warm tones. I used a Jakar battery powered eraser to bring out some highlights and strands (after putting down Sepia, Burnt Ochre, Venetian Red and Black) and then emphasising highlights with a White Luminance pencil.

For the hat I tried Vermillion (Polychromos) - a gorgeous orangey red - but it looked a little flat. However, adding Light Carmine on top, in loose circular squiggles, and letting the two reds show made it much more vibrant and brought out the knitted texture. Finally I added just a hint of white around the edges in the background.

I made a video - just a short snippet - of this drawing in progress here on my other blog.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Julia Sawahla (2)

Julia Sawahla again. I'm really inspired by her colouring as orange, purple and green is perhaps my favourite colour combination. The oranges and golds in her hair and skin look wonderful with green and purple, so I added these to the clothes and background. The exact shade of her eyes is quite hard to match but I used a touch of green and grey. I used many of the same colours as in my last portrait except for the Carmine red - I added Venetian Red and Magenta for her lip colour instead - and used Luminance black instead of Polychromos as it seems to give a better saturation.