Julia Sawahla (2)

Julia Sawahla again. I'm really inspired by her colouring as orange, purple and green is perhaps my favourite colour combination. The oranges and golds in her hair and skin look wonderful with green and purple, so I added these to the clothes and background. The exact shade of her eyes is quite hard to match but I used a touch of green and grey. I used many of the same colours as in my last portrait except for the Carmine red - I added Venetian Red and Magenta for her lip colour instead - and used Luminance black instead of Polychromos as it seems to give a better saturation.


Carolina said…
I like this one a lot more than the first one, and I DID like the first one...
I love the hair as it fades out towards the edge of the page... Please teach me. do you use an eraser? I have such a heavy hand. Everything I do is all or nothing and I so want to do in betweens. The fading in and out and the blending one thing into another. It's very nice
Felicity said…
Thanks ladies!

I used the Jakar battery powered eraser to pick out highlights in her hair. Pictured here

Grahame Butler said…
Great hair and skin tones, nice work as always Felicity..
José said…

What I appreciate most in this work and some of yours that I've seen is how it transmits your fine draughtmanship.
The values and highlights are well worked out.

Best regards,

Felicity said…
Thanks Grahame, thanks José. Much appreciated.

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