Yorkie WIP

A drawing I have on the go at the moment. It's actually the same Yorkie I drew here, but always wanted to know how I'd go about it in colour. Since I put the Feedjit traffic meter on the blog I've been surprised to see that most of my hits come from people Googling 'how to draw a Yorkie'. Since no-one has left a comment I'm still left wondering if this is a drawing challange or competition.

Anyway, it prompted me to try this little dog again as I like the photo so much. However, I'm not keen on drawing hair and fur so I'm now putting this away for a little while. I'm feeling a bit frazzled from keeping up the blog and keeping up with everyone else's blogs and feel it's time to slow the tempo down a bit - I can't give up reading blogs completely so I have to be realistic! I've decided to return to another creative love of mine and do a little quilting (see my other blog) while I recharge my batteries.


I think you do lovely with hair and fur. Certainly better than I. I pay attention to how you do it so I can learn from you.
Teresa said…
Hi Felicity,

Your Yorkie is wonderfully done. His/her? fur is gorgeous!

Re: Quilting and slowing down... good idea. When I get frazzled I usually knit... nice, rhythmic and conducive to thought and reflection- in other words.... relaxing!
pencilportraits said…
he's gorgeous, don't put him away too long!
Wil said…
This is fantastic, Felicity.
Felicity said…
Thanks Elizabeth!

Thanks Teresa! Yes, I love knitting too- haven't done it in quite a few years though! Thankfully, the shops here have a very unexciting choice or I might be tempted!

Thanks Karie-Ann, and thanks Wil, much appreciated!
Serena said…
This little Yorkie is adorable...I'll look forward to seeing the finish, however, I fully understand the need to slow down and focus on other things for a bit.
Wow, all that fur must have taken forever. I find it funny what people search for. Most of my hits come from things like "pencil sketches of roses" and "German Shepherd drawings." Dogs and flowers are pretty popular, so it figures...
Lindo trabalho,adorei,desejo-lhe um Feliz Natal!!!Beautiful work
Felicity said…
Thank you! Feliz Natal!

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