And now for something completely different!

The idea of using pen has been perculating for a while but I've always tended to focus exclusively on one medium at a time. It's only in the last year, perhaps longer, that I feel ready to try out other things at the same time. I guess it comes from getting to a certain level I felt happy with in graphite - I didn't feel I needed to push it any further which freed me to try colour. Now I've been doing colour for a year, I think I need the buzz of doing something completely different again but this time together with the sketching and other things. I don't feel at all confident with my lines when I use pen, so I may not post everything I do, but I have an idea to fill up this little Japanese Moleskine with only lines. I'm just going to see what happens - maybe some colour will go in, maybe it won't! This is the view of my sitting room looking down on it from the stairs. Eventually I want to make my lines more wobbly, less exact and push the perspective a little.

I used a Copic Multi Liner, size 0.05.


UIRU said…
Wow. This is a fantastic perspective of your living room. Your lie work is great and it certainly doesn't look like you're suffering from any lack of confidence when it comes to pen work!
I am so excited to see what you are going to come up with. This is a great move!
Bonny said…
I love trying new media all the time (it's probably why I'm not good in using any of them). Penwork is my last favourite medium I think.

It looks like you are certainly off to a great start with this drawing, Felicity! It'll be another medium you'll excell in ;))
Serena said…
I love the perspective of your living room! I must admit I'm not a huge fan of using pens but I do admire the pen work of other artists. Lovely work, Felicity!
Spinneretta said…
It looks great :) Some of us have art ADD and have to try everything- I admire your discipline!

Because I love your art AND your blog, I have given you the "I love your art blog" award. You can get the icon at my blog- no pressure to participate :)
Teresa said…
Ah... beautifully done with your trademark light touch, neatness and oh-so-pleasing appearance. Really nice. Look forward to seeing what else you get into!
simoart said…
Thanks for visiting my blog, love your drawings and hoping to see more of them.
Kastina said…
Hi, my name is Kastina. I'm just cruizin' through blogs. And I must say I love this sketch. I use to sketch a lot...but the pressure of getting through college has made that go to the side lines- sadly.

Your blog is great. Ill be back!Check out mine if you want- its geared toward women.

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