More plant sketches

Another drawing of the Mermaid Vine. I was trying not to make it look too similar to the last one but it just developed like this! I'll try it again and try and keep it the shading to a minimum.

I was feeling quite good about doing some sketching in public a couple of days ago so after coming home I went out onto my balcony to sketch this Forest Flame. It was a lovely warm sunny afternoon.

I bought this Passion Flower on the way home. I was intending to draw the mass of leaves but the new shoots and tendrils caught my eye.


wheatgerm said…
The details in the leaves make me fizzle with delight
brian nelson said…
I really like the leaves and the negative space. Great drawings.
LolaH said…
The details are fantastic. I could learn so much from these. I'm just starting to learn how to draw roses, and leaves are very important for any plant.

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