Plane crash

The tree jinx has struck again! I've written before about trees I loved and they were later cut down, now it turns out I only just drew this tree, at the Mairie's office, in time! The larger of the two planes (the one behind the sign) lost one of it's trunks in a freak storm a couple of weeks ago. It came crashing down across the road damaging another tree and a corner of the wall alongside the road. The roads were shut, the buses diverted and the fire brigade came out to remove the trunk and clear up. Yesterday I walked past and the whole tree has been removed. Someone said to me "c'est pas grave", no big deal, which surprised me. It was an enormous tree, it must have been there a very long time. I think it would be sad not to remark on such a loss!


You had me going with that title - read quite far in before I realized no flying planes involved! Yes, it is a little odd that someone could brush off the demise of something this big that has been a part of the landscape for a long time. Maybe you are not so much jinxing the trees as receiving premonitions of impending doom for them. Your sketching comes just in time to preserve them for posterity!
I was missing after a really huge tree that was growing not far fro our house. I remember it as long as I live. It was really old and it had to be cut down cause it could fell and hurt someone. And now often when I draw from my mind it seems that every tree I draw is actually that one.

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