I can't remember now exactly what prompted me to work on such a small portrait - this is 6"x6" - but I had a feeling that since I always felt comfortable drawing small portraits, it might also work with oils. I did, and it was so much fun I've started working on a series.

Skin tones are more difficult than I anticipated so this was a perfect reference to work from. Even so, getting a warm glow on the skin and getting the right shade of blue, purple and pink to imply reflected light was still a challenge. I changed that background a couple of times, experimenting with purples but in the end the blue worked better. It's gone to a good home now otherwise I might have added some glazes to it but I hadn't quite got the hang of them at the time.


Goodness, I like this - a work nearly in monochrome but with that wonderful splash of pink. I took a closer look at the picture and could see how you carried the pink into the face as highlights. Also struck by the "blue" whites of the eyes. A powerful piece, I think.
Felicity Grace said…
Thanks Sheila! Sorry, Blogger is not giving me notifications of messages. Yes, I tried to look at the actual colours and not let my brain overwrite them. I suppose it's easier with a photo but still I'm trying to look at colours in a new way when I'm painting. It's quite a learning curve at the moment!

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