Je suis Charlie

An old drawing but one I felt moved to post again after the tragic and senseless events in Paris yesterday. I had started drawing tentatively again last week after a two year break but I listened to cartoonist Loic Secheresse speaking on the news this morning about the importance of picking up a pen and pencil again and really felt inspired to keep going. He said 'with drawing you feel alive'. How true that is.


I've missed you and your drawings so am happy to hear you are starting in again. Not so happy about what has happened in France. However, what a tribute to the fallen for you to use it to nudge you along. I didn't do a lot of sketching in 2014 but what little I did affirmed what the cartoonist said about drawing. Hoping to do more this year.
Felicity Grace said…
Thanks Sheila, great to hear from you! I look forward to seeing your drawings too!
Cathy Gatland said…
Catching up on my blog list - a beautiful drawing & tribute to a terrible event Felicity, so glad you're drawing again
You know, I totally agree with this words. I was not drawing for 3 months and it seems to me that I actually was never drawing at all So it really needs every day practice.

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