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Remember this drawing of my brother Paul?  He's a sculptor working in wood with an amazing eye for detail. He has combined his love of wood with his interest in motorbike racing and makes beautiful and unique pieces, some of which are in the collections of some of the top teams and riders. He's finally been persauded to put his work online so do check out his new blog, Carved Curves, I know he'd be delighted if you paid him a visit!


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing your brother's blog. I'm now one of his newest followers. What talent!
Stay inspired!
Kendra said…
Your drawing of your brother is exquisite, his personality shows so well and the pose is great. I will look at the new blog.
Felicity said…
Thanks Michelle. Yes, he is very talented!

Thank you Kendra.
Felicity said…
Sorry it took a couple of days to publish the comments - I forgot I changed the settings after getting loads of sp*m comments!
Thats a fantastic drawing! I like that you call them drawings, too, even though some would call this a painting. I use the word 'drawing' for some reason, even when I'm using colored pencil. Thats so sweet that you're promoting your brothers site. I'll go look!
Rubén said…
Extraordinario trabajo. Enorme talento.
tascha said…
wow! i just found your blog... and i´m verry impressed by your works! they are really "maravilloso" ;)
got a new inspiring example now! :D
¡Muchos saludos!
Felicity Grace said…
Thanks Tasha - and of course Ruben and Katherine!

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