This months postcard went to Liz Steel in Australia. I wanted to do something a little different to the usual watercolours so drew these Linden/Lime tree seeds in pencil and the spritzed them with green and blue watercolours. I really wanted it to be more colourful than this but I should have made the image darker because it looked like it was going to be lost if I did any more. It's a technique I'd like to experiment more with though.

My usual snail on the envelope, but this month he is having to hurry as I was sending it off quite late! A hot chocolate on the back of the card because Liz loves tea rooms and cream teas. The hot chocolate had so much cream it has toppled over - it wasn't just a wonky drawing! That was done with coloured pencils because the surface on the back of the paper (Saunders Waterford HP) doesn't take watercolours very well.


Teresa said…
Hi Felicity!

I am SO behind in my blog reading! Been such a busy summer (as all summers are around here). Love these drawings!!! Wish you'd write a book/make some instructional dvd's for sale/make some YouTube vids!

Hope you're doing well. So nice to visit with you :-)

Felicity said…
Hi Teresa, so glad you visited! What a lovely thing to say, thank you!
Ah, your postcards are so lovely... delicate and detailed. Beautiful. Happy New Year!
Felicity said…
Thank you Kathleen Marie! Happy New Year to you!

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