Best foot forward

Oh, how I wish I could say this was mine, but alas, it's only drawn from a photo I took! There is a Christian Louboutin shop in town and I never really took much notice until a couple of weeks ago. It's right across the road from a supermarket I go to and I went over to peer in the window and a couple of them just knocked me out - they are like little works of art!

I had a feeling I should have attempted this in watercolour and now I'm finished I might never pick up a coloured pencil again! It was so frustrating. It's mostly one colour, Polychromos Burnt Carmine with a light layer of Vermilion at one stage - there were a lot of layers! Maybe it was just the way that Burnt Carmine handles but it was like drawing with a wax candle that handled like a piece of chalk. It didn't seem to layer very well and it smudged like mad. To make matters worse, I didn't get the drawing of the studs down properly before I started and worked around them thinking I would tighten them up as I progressed. But then I added a Lyra Rembrandt Black at the stage where it usually makes the details 'pop' but instead they looked wonky and I found that black is impossible to erase, even with my battery powered eraser! I also lost a lot of my white highlights I'd been careful to preserve! I have to say, this shoe was not nearly as much fun to draw as it is to look at!

Polychromos and Lyra colour pencils on Winsor & Newton cartridge paper.


Robyn Sinclair said…
Sounds like it was as uncomfortable to draw as to wear, Felicity but what a wonderful way to possess such a beautiful object. I feel a delightful series coming on.
Rita said…
I wouldn't want to wear them, but this looks great! :)
Felicity said…
Thanks Robyn - true that! And yes, I do have plans for a series! ;)

Thanks Rita! They do look pretty uncomfortable, don't they?!
Carolina said…
Wow, Felilcity, it's gorgeous! I'm sorry you went into all that trouble, but it ended up phenomenal...
One thing I'm learning lately is that one about the previous drawing: never underestimate the power of a good base sketch, never!
:) I hope you forget about the bad moment and take cps back once in a while :)
Un abrazo,

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