Photinia leaves

These are Photinia leaves from the little tree in our garden. At the moment it has a lot of new growth on it and the leaves are a soft brick colour. But the older leaves, as they are about to fall off, are a fantastic assortment of vivid red, orange, yellow and green with the most amazing patterns. I think if I only painted Photinia leaves for the rest of my life I'd never lose interest!

I've painted these on Saunders Waterford HP 140lb paper in a spiral bound Fat Pad measuring 28x38cm. I used very few watercolours - Winsor & Newton Alizerin Crimson, Schmincke's Transparent Yellow, Transparent Orange and May Green. Over the top I've added touchs of red, orange, blue and yellow with Lyra Rembrandt coloured pencils. They take beautifully over the chalky watercolours and really intensify the colours. They have to be used carefully though so as not to ruin the effect - they can sit on top and look harsh so they need to be applied lightly and blended in.


Paula Pertile said…
These are so beautiful!!!
I agree with you that Lyras work nicely over watercolor. I've been wanting to work more with that technique myself.
Felicity said…
Thanks Paula! Glad to hear you like that technique too - I don't hear many artists saying they use watercolours and pencils together but they are really fun to use.
Anonymous said…
They are really beautiful!!
Robyn said…
Fantastic! They really are like gorgeous pieces of jewellery aren't they. Wonderful watercolours, Felicity and you have combined the coloured pencil beautifully.

I love seeing you working BIG.
Desiree said…
Gorgeous!!! I love your work, it always amazes me!
vivien said…
they really are jewel like and beautifully observed

and Polychromos work over w'col as nicely as the Lyra do, I've got a mixture and use both. It's great to see someone else who likes to combine them this way.

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