This was going to be my first postcard, or at least these three leaves were to form the basis of it. It's nerve wracking making art for other artists and this second attempt seemed to be going well until I completely ruined it with a horrible border. I quite like the leaves though so I cut them out and scanned them, editing out the edges.


I know just what you mean. I think a little fabric postcard just fine until I think about giving it to someone else, and then it seems lacking somehow. I'm sure you didn't botch things nearly as badly as you think, but bravo for rescuing the good parts and starting again.
Desiree said…
Oh I think your postcard is just perfect, I would love getting it. What kind of border did you do? Are you having to paint another now to send? Your work is always beautiful!
Felicity said…
Thanks Sheila!

Desiree, thank you! I tried to do a thin, plain rectangular border using gold embossing powder and then a speckled area beyond that. Total disaster! I sent something completely different to Alison!

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