Rattling my jewelry

I thought it would be interesting to do some simple pencil drawing again as it's been so long since I've done one. It was interesting but also time consuming - I'd forgotten just how long these sorts of drawings take in comparison to the coloured pencil and especially the watercolours! It was losing an earring (the little leaf one, bottom centre) that put jewelry on my drawing radar. I've written a more detailed account on my other blog, but the two rings at the top are the two I wear every day (my wedding ring is top left). The two earrings below, centre and left, are favourites that I now cannot wear as I've lost the other one. I'm especially miffed as the one on the left is my all time fave.

These are all silver and fairly recent. The top three are by Olga Ribler. I had an amusing encounter with a sales assistant in Globus when I was buying one of these as she told me they were too young for me! I was speechless - it never occured to me that earrings could be out of bounds to women of a certain age! I bought another pair (in my new profile pic!) but then decided I was going to go back and get them anyway in defiance of her and old age!

The dangly earrings were drawn first and as I got back into my stride I started slowing down and getting more detailed. These were done with an HB. The second drawing, top, was all done with an F pencil which was easier to control, with an HB and 3B for the darkest areas (although my new scanner seems to give everything a cloudy, slightly out of focus look). It was fun, but I think I'm ready for a bit of colour now!


What a creative interesting idea! I like these so much!
Felicity said…
Thanks Katherine, I'm glad you think so!
Cathy Gatland said…
Astounding that anyone would suggest any of these were too... ANYthing for a paying and elegant customer. Beautiful drawings, the metallic sheen you've achieved with just pencil is remarkable.
My students were surprised at how long pencil drawings took, too, Felicity...these are beautiful!

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