I'm shattered! It was my favourite cup and now it is no more, shattered too on the kitchen floor! However, it does go to show why drawing everyday things is such a good idea. I'm glad I recorded it while I had the chance.

Two things about this drawing - one that it should have had a shadow. Maybe I will still get around to doing that. Secondly, I never, never, take a photo and convert to black and white to see the values. Odd, perhaps, since I don't have anything against shortcuts but this one, for some reason, is something I feel is just wrong. I think it's up to the artist to dictate how they want the image to appear, and how they want the values. I was though, just this once, almost tempted. Because when I was drawing this, I couldn't decide which of the colours was darker - the teal or the brown. As I was throwing the broken cup away, I thought 'this is the last chance to find out'...but no, I still couldn't bring myself to do it!

I drew both of these in 2006. Funny to think how much life has changed, how much I have changed, since then! I've hardly drunk any tea since then either - I love it, but it doesn't love me! Oh well, the quest for the new one begins and I'll enjoy that!


Robyn said…
Oh, I hate it when I break something, particularly something special. What I just adore in this drawing is the little bubbles at the side. Brava!
Felicity said…
Thanks Robyn! I enjoyed this but doing the bubbles was the most fun!
This is a wonderful drawing! Both of them! I do love graphite, with no color. My problem is I don't know where to stop... and I end up coloring over the graphite... then I'm disappointed. Your drawing skills are impeccable, and the values and contrasts are just right. I hope to see more!
Teresa said…
Your drawings are so captivating. They make me stop and really look. They pull you in. Glad you have this beautiful drawing of that fav mug!
Anais said…
Just beautiful drawing, Felicity
Love your style :)
FP said…
Very interesting, well-organized blog to which I want to go back there and back.

Best wishes

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