Jesse was Sheila's dog (of Idaho Beauty's Creative Journey) and took me quite a while to draw. Not in actual time, but constantly taking breaks from it to see it anew to try and get the likeness right. Having Googled lots of images of black labradors, I realised that Jesse was quite unique (especially her ears!) and therefore even more important I get her right.

I'd love to say that I could see all sorts of colours in her coat, but I'm afraid I couldn't so it is drawn mainly with a Black Luminance pencil. Luminance are quite waxy and normally I don't like them but black in other brands, like Lyra or Polychromos look weak comparatively. I used Polychromos and Luminance greys for the highlights and Luminance white for the lightest parts. Even so, I couldn't get the light in her eye as bright as I wanted so I added some Titanium White watercolour with a tiny point! Some Lyra Light Blue was added in the background and then rubbed off partially with a tissue.


Wil said…
Felicity-- this is a gorgeous image. I think you nailed the dogs hair and certainly conveyed the shininess of her(his) coat.
Janet Pantry said…
I don't generally like dog portraits but this is beautiful, Felicity! I think the brown paper was a great choice for this, that colour is integral to the drawing. Interesting about the Luminance Black pencil...must look into getting one of those :)
kane said…
Thanks for stopping by. I miss you. Your work has gotten so amazing.
I had to pop over here and see what other information you gave on your process. I know the photos I sent for you to work from showed her so flat black, but in truth, when the sun would shine on her fur, you could see a lot of reddish-brown undertones. I thought it was great how you left so much brown in, even though you didn't know about that.

Loved the bit about adding the white highlight with paint - all mediums have their tricks and "cheats," don't they? I say, whatever it takes to get to where you need to go is a-okay.
Carolyn said…
beautifully done, wonderfully captured

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