Friday, June 19, 2009

Jenson Button (2)

Although I admit doing more than one drawing of the same subject is a bit of an easy option, it is a very interesting exercise - perhaps not for the viewer but certainly the artist! Like the first portrait, this one is done in my square Paperchase book with the unforgiving paper. This time though, the paper didn't just break up, a little chunk came off, right on the tip of his cap, leaving a little trench! I'm tempting fate to keep using it, but part of me enjoys the challenge!

Unlike the last portrait, I gave some new pencils a try -Derwent Artists. And very nice they are too. They have some lovely shades suitable for skin tones and one of them, 'Mahogony' is a really gorgeous warm brick red and just the tiniest bit redder than my favourite Venetian Red. They go on very well but I still used some of the usual Lyras and Luminance Black and White for the lightest and darkest areas.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jenson Button

I know from experience I can procrastinate for a very long time over a drawing I'm not enjoying so rather than put off the Yorkie drawing, I got on with this one instead. Jenson Button is looking almost certain to become the next Formula One world champion. I haven't switched allegiance, I'm still rooting for Lewis Hamilton, but I just liked the angle of his face here.

This was done on the first page of my new square format brown sketchbook (photo here) and if anything the paper is even more unforgiving than the smaller Paperchase ones I've been using. The surface breaks up so easily it's almost impossible to erase anything once the colour is down. Normally I try out a couple of colours in the background but this time I had to stick with the blue. He's this year's 'blue eyed boy' so I guess it's appropriate.

The face is mostly Lyra Rembrandt Medium Flesh and Venetian Red with Luminance White for the highlights and a lot of Polychromos Burnt Ochre too. Initially I started this and put it away for a day but when I came back to it it looked so pale and insipid I got the Venetian Red and really scrubbed it on and it improved instantly. I used a Luminance Black for the darkest areas as that covers really well. Real F1 fans will notice the cap isn't right but I wanted to keep that as simple as possible.