Sunday, February 15, 2009

And now for something completely different!

The idea of using pen has been perculating for a while but I've always tended to focus exclusively on one medium at a time. It's only in the last year, perhaps longer, that I feel ready to try out other things at the same time. I guess it comes from getting to a certain level I felt happy with in graphite - I didn't feel I needed to push it any further which freed me to try colour. Now I've been doing colour for a year, I think I need the buzz of doing something completely different again but this time together with the sketching and other things. I don't feel at all confident with my lines when I use pen, so I may not post everything I do, but I have an idea to fill up this little Japanese Moleskine with only lines. I'm just going to see what happens - maybe some colour will go in, maybe it won't! This is the view of my sitting room looking down on it from the stairs. Eventually I want to make my lines more wobbly, less exact and push the perspective a little.

I used a Copic Multi Liner, size 0.05.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Paul and Alex

Paul and Alex, drawn from two photos. Paul looked better in one and Alex the other and I've been meaning for a while to try putting them together to see if it would work. The main problem was that the two original photos were so small. They were taken in Dubai around 1996/7 and the light was really good coming in the window, I liked how it reflected on their faces.