This month's magazine

It's a relatively small readership, but still, it's such a thrill to see your own work in a magazine. Who is reading it, what do they think of it, and does it inspire them to pick up a pencil again or maybe plant a little seed that they too could sketch on holiday, sketch their everyday environment or their loved ones? Who knows, but the great thing about being in print is that the magazines may be seen years later and still be able to plant that little seed in someone's mind and set them on an art journey of their own. I hope so.

The China sketches are for this month's 'travel and adventure' issue and the nude, from last month's issue, is actually one of my life drawings reworked (with colour pencils to enhance the colours) for the 'health' issue.


Margaret Ann said…
What a delight to have your travel sketches published and ekpt for posterity in such a way...I remember seeing these individually posted on your blog...lovely compo in the magazine...The spa illustration is gorgeous! :) Congrats! :)
Robyn said…
I'm sure your drawings are inspiring a lot of people to have a go, Felicity. The magazine was very lucky to discover you. It must be a real thrill to be in print.
caseytoussaint said…
This is so exciting, Felicity. I've lost touch with your blog lately, and hadn't realized you were being published. Your work looks wonderful - how could it fail to inspire?

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