TV sketches

Above, contestants on the TV quiz 'Mastermind'

Faces on Sky News - clockwise from top left, Tim Marshall of Sky, Michael White of The Guardian and Andrew Wilson of Sky

Guest, Jonathan Breeze of Jet Republic, top, and the Finnish PM below, in a report about a school shooting in Finland.

A Sky News reporter in an oversized coat and Sir Philip Green.

Adam Boulton of Sky News and Tom Rivers of ABC.

Alvin Hall, financial guru and from Sky's entertainment section Nicole Kidman and Madonna.

It's ironic that I don't usually post sketches on the blog I've named Sketches by Fiz! These have all been blogged about on my other blog (click on 'TV sketches' in the labels section) where I prefer to write the wordy posts but I've included them here as they represent another small step along the way, a slightly different way of working for me. Even though I've been drawing portraits for years, I never get tired of looking at the human face and I'm always amazed to learn something new that I didn't know before - there is so much complexity in the human face and head, just when I think I 'know it all', I realise I know nothing! It was while trying to place an ear on a face during a life drawing session that I realised my knowledge of facial anatomy is very poor so I wanted to speed up the learning process by doing lots of different faces quickly (that is 'quickly' by my normal snail's pace standards!) and getting the feel for how the features are placed. Drawing a face slowly, especially from a photo, with no time pressure is quite a different kettle of fish to having to get the placements down quickly. I used to think that using my eyes was good enough but now I feel that a little knowledge of anatomy would make things a bit easier for me.


Tim Marshall said…
When I think of how bad I can look, I thought I'd write and sat thank you. I like the style all the sketches.
Tim Marshall
Tim Marshall said…
And in English - 'say thank you' and 'of all the sketches'
Felicity said…
(Expletive deleted!) Thanks very much Tim, that's made my day! I'll have to do a better sketch next time!
caseytoussaint said…
Wow - I've tried sketching from tv, and it's sooo hard! Great job on these.

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