People's Choice results

The People's Choice results were announced for the UKCPS Annual Juried Exhibition for which 'Paul' was entered and it was voted 5th! This is especially encouraging for me because that is why I draw - simply to create something that others enjoy. I don't pretend or aspire to educate, shock, provoke, or anything like that - people have enough intelligence to think for themselves - for me creating art is about providing pleasure and so knowing 10 people liked my drawing enough to vote for it, especially amongst the other fabulous drawings, really is something special. Thank you!


Ujwala said…
Went to have a look at the entries and quite a lot of it is great. Congratulations on being one of the chosen few : ) This piece is awesome!
Stephen Hall said…
What a damn good portrait this is! Love your use of colour, I'm coming back to see what other stuff you do. Funny and ironic but I made the same conection, Obama and Lewis, there are strong similarities. Keep well and keep painting.
Felicity said…
Thanks Ujwala, it was a surprise and really encouraging!

Thanks Stephen! Yes, those two are similar - seem to be very strong, confident men with a strong sense of destiny and to succeed within days of each other was sort of spooky! Glad to find your blog too!

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