Pencil pot

Drawn for a magazine article. In it the American writer makes a reference to #2 pencils and wonders what the European equivalent is. This drawing is predominately Polychromos - I think I'm starting to favour these over the Cretacolors as they layer more easily and the colours are more saturated. I've been a bit concerned about using water soluable pencils especially as I don't intend to use water on them. I noticed that Polychromos are said to be 'smudge-proof' but that red (Vermilion) smudged quite a lot - it was difficult to keep the paper looking clean and the colours sharp. After some experimenting with Arches 'satin' HP paper, I've decided to stick with my usual cartridge paper.


Witness said…
I've just nominated your blog for an award BECAUSE YOUR STUFF ROCKS! Come to my site for the details on how to accept the award!

I've visited before and enjoyed what I saw. I came back,took some time, and was floored by the work in here. You are an amazing artist
gabi campanario said…
brilliant Fiz, your black and white drawings were already great but your color ones are even more fabulous! I love your hiper-realistic style, you don't see much of that these days, let alone in magazines, so congrats on the comission as well.
Very nice! So what is the equivalent to the American #2?
pve design said…
Oh, what a lovely pencil pot. Amazing work. Curious to know how long it takes to do this kind of realistic work. Admire your blog too.
Felicity said…
Wow, I'm blown away by those comments, thank you all!

Witness, thank you, I'm really thrilled to have this blog recognised ( I tend to let the drawings speak for themselves here and write just about the 'technical' side so I wonder whether it is visited as much as the other blog).

Joseph, thanks, I could say the same for you!

Gabi, that's an interesting thought, but true - not a lot of realism in mags these days!

Nicole, thank you - I'm a big fan of your work! - it's an HB. I noticed while doing this that a lot of European pencils have both the European grade and the American equivilent marked on them.

pve design, thanks for visiting! Hmm, I think from reading other people's answers that I must be one of the slowest out there - took a few hours! Lots of procrastination at the start and lots of layering, layering, layering at the end ;)
j.caro said…
muy buen trabajo con lapiz de color
Felicity said…
J.caro, muchas gracias!
Rita said…
This is amazing! I thought it was a photograph at first. Excellent work!! :)

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