Life drawing

From a couple of weeks ago. Drawing with coloured pencils is quite different to using pencil and each time I learn something about how much can be achieved in the time. I'd like to do a lot more layering and blending of the colours and by the time the session is up I'm just getting into the swing of things! This is nowhere near finished but I'm quite happy with it as it was going quite well and there were many areas like the ribs and face that I would have enjoyed working on.


E-J said…
Life drawing with coloured pencils! You are a brave and patient woman.

This is an exquisite piece of work. Every piece I see of yours seems to be more sensitive and softer than the last.
Felicity said…
Thank you e-j! Foolhardy rather than brave as I didn't realise it would be difficult! ;) I'm lucky I have a life class with one long pose so this is possible but still, I need loads more time!

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