Life drawing

I've never tried doing only a portrait at life class as generally they are too scary to attempt in such a short time but I didn't have much choice this week. I'm pleased with how it turned out so perhaps it's good to be forced out of the comfort zone now and again!


caseytoussaint said…
This is one of those posts you look at and think "I wish I'd done that!"Really, really good, Felicity!
no way said…
I love your line quality, and although I haven't seen your model in person, it's obvious that you got the facial structure correct, which is no easy feat in a profile drawing.
Alan said…
I think you did very well on this portrait. I am still struggling a bit, so I may have to seek out a class.
suzanne said…! You never cease to impress me Felicity...but to think you were able to capture this during a class period is unbelievable! Beautiful work.

I especially love the way you've portrayed his hair.

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