Monday, October 29, 2007


Toys are one of the things I have discovered I like drawing. I've been meaning to draw this one for a while just to see if I could - he has metallic fabric arms and legs which were a bit of a challenge. I'm not the sort to keep teddy bears on my bed but I do have a few quirky little things in my study. Perhaps it's to make up for not having lots of toys in my childhood, I'm not sure!

Friday, October 12, 2007

EDM 139, draw a handle

Here's two for the price of one! This is called a hachoir - something I didn't know until I bought it - for chopping herbs. HB and B pencil.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Face creams

Another collection of everyday things, old and new. The 'draw a grouping' and 'draw something you are grateful for' challenges continue to interest me. Packaging, and how it changes over time, is also fascinating so I combined all that into this drawing. I'm grateful for having a nice choice of creams now as compared to the seventies when I was growing up.

The glass pot on the left at the back used to be my favourite cream but that design is now a thing of the past so I wanted to capture it before I finally throw out the empty pot!

The drawing is quite small and I thought I'd make the lettering quite fuzzy but as I progressed it seemed to need defining. Together with all the eclipses, this was actually more difficult than I anticipated! I should have been brave, started larger and made things easier for myself!

HB, B and 4B pencil.

Monday, October 01, 2007

EDM 61

EDM 61 is to draw ' a grouping of 2 or more similar objects' and this fits quite nicely. I got new glasses last week (on the right) and thought it was interesting how quickly fashions in glasses have changed in such a short time. Starting on the left, this pair seemed quite neat at the time - possibly about 6 years ago - but now look huge. The pair in the middle is a half rimmed pair when these and frameless were 'in'. Now the small rectangular heavy frame or the light frame/heavy sides look is in making everything else look old fashioned! My old pair in the middle are now my distance glasses as - shock horror! - I now need one pair for distance and one for reading. I was told my old ones should be OK for a year or two but I wonder if fashion will dictate I need a new pair sooner than that?!

HB and B pencil