Face creams

Another collection of everyday things, old and new. The 'draw a grouping' and 'draw something you are grateful for' challenges continue to interest me. Packaging, and how it changes over time, is also fascinating so I combined all that into this drawing. I'm grateful for having a nice choice of creams now as compared to the seventies when I was growing up.

The glass pot on the left at the back used to be my favourite cream but that design is now a thing of the past so I wanted to capture it before I finally throw out the empty pot!

The drawing is quite small and I thought I'd make the lettering quite fuzzy but as I progressed it seemed to need defining. Together with all the eclipses, this was actually more difficult than I anticipated! I should have been brave, started larger and made things easier for myself!

HB, B and 4B pencil.


Anita said…
Lovely work, I can imagine how difficult this one was.
Don't you just hate change! I used to own a Lancome lipstick that I adored but they stopped making that too...Grrrr!
caseytoussaint said…
Felicity, your drawings always produce the same combination of admiration and awe in me! This is another beautiful one!
Marie-Dom said…
It amazes me how you can turn something so banal into something so beautiful. This is a beautiful drawing. Love the idea too.
Face creams are vital to my daily routine....which gives you some indication of my physical deterioration!!! LOL

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