Shoes, bags and other essentials

Continuing my series of charting my shoes and bags, these are some older ones that I never wear but am loathe to throw out! In Dubai (where I think I may have bought the middle one) and Kuwait (the other two) sandals could be worn all year round so I have very few shoes compared to sandals.

Not my favourite drawing, although it had lots of potential until I overworked it, this is the bag I use most of the time right now. I'm not so adventurous with clothes, being quite short, but I do like to indulge in bags and change them often!

A couple of challenges to tick off the list - the kettle for no. 137 'something you can switch on and off' and for no. 42 , a hand blender as 'something you are grateful for'. A bit unconventional but I'm always grateful to get back from being away to have my familiar gadgets and this one in particular as I do a lot of scrambled eggs. As I liked thinking about this challenge, I've decided to make it a series and focus on the less obvious perhaps overlooked things that make life easier and more enjoyable.


Anita said…
Yep, you're right, that handbag is sooooo overworked...I'll tell you what, send it to me and I'll dispose of it for you!
Worth a shot! LOL!
They are all wonderful Felicity, I don't think the handbag is overworked at all and those shoes...WOW!
Serena said…
WOW! Your drawings are beautiful, Felicity! So much detail and depth. Lovely work :)
Mike said…
Fantastic drawings. You do wonderful work, your whole blog is loaded with wonderful drawings.
Felicity...I think your drawings are really great!! I could just grab the bag, fill it with my stuff and head out the door!
E-J said…
The bag is a terrific drawing. Your work has a real quality of mindful observation.
Shelly McC said…
This bag, overworked? Not to my eye! Gorgeous!!

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