Watercolours and EDM # 62

This blog is very quiet because I'm learning how to use watercolours! There hasn't been much to show since it's mostly practising colour mixing and learning about the water/pigment ratio but this little pear isn't too bad (compared to what I've been doing!). I've called it EDM #62 (draw a challenge you've done before in a new medium) so I can at least put something on the blog! I've tried to keep it fairly loose and have attempted to mix colours on the paper and not the palette but I suspect I have to keep going for a few years more before I can get the sort of control I'd like!

These are my Winsor & Newtons. I have a little set of Schminckes too which are gorgeous but I decided to focus only on these to simplify while I'm still learning. I still have so much to learn about papers and brushes but for the time being I love Arches HP satine (as it's called here, it may be just called smooth elsewhere?). The brushes I keep changing my mind about - one week I use just the mops and now I like using the smaller brushes. I found it quite difficult at first, but as I'm making my subjects smaller, I'm feeling more comfortable. I still don't feel I'm there yet (I like working small when I'm drawing and probably I need to go smaller) but it's all part of the learning curve.


Nina Johansson said…
Felicity! This is awesome! You are a natural born watercolorist! :)
Please post more as you go along, I´ll be waiting and watching!
Tarabeeh said…
its a beautiful start !!!
soulcomfort said…
I can't believe you are new to watercolors! You have a natural talent, that's for sure! Having the Winsor Newton paints can't hurt, either--hehe! I've always heard they are one of the very best. :)

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